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Bill Johnston was born and raised on a farm and knows the value of hard work and sacrifice. His rural upbringing forged principles that govern his activities today. Bill sought higher education at UBC and completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology as a foundation for his deep understanding of human behaviour. Bill traveled to the West Coast to expand his experiences with a brief stint as a surfer.

Bill has always been a consumer of information and became a respected thought leader in his professional practice, writing extensively on the subject of alcohol and addiction. Bill realized that he had strong analytical and logical thinking skills– presenting law school as the obvious next step on his career path. Bill was accepted into one of Canada’s premier Law schools, Osgoode Hall, in Toronto, Ontario, and was called to the bar in 1982.

Bill is widely published in respected journals and is a two-time winner of the Morguard Literary Award for his papers on disclosure and negotiation.

Bill is an experienced lawyer with four decades of real estate experience. He has written over a dozen courses on real estate matters that have been delivered to thousands of Realtors® across Canada.

Bill is a leader in providing expert testimony for Realtors®, defending dozens of realtors facing accusations of code violations.

Bill is extensively involved and connected in the real estate industry in Canada. Bill served as a Director of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board for many years and was President from 2010-2011. Bill also was a Director of the Canadian Real Estate Association for four years and a Director of the Real Estate Council of Ontario for three years. Currently, Bill holds the title of Director of the Ontario Real Estate Association.

Bill has three children of his own and two step-children with his second wife Stacey. Bill is a sports fanatic who enjoys watching, playing, and talking about sports–he knows just about any stat surrounding his favourite sports and teams. In his spare time, Bill enjoys golf, tennis, squash, biking, “gym ratting,” card-playing, and chicken wings. Bill is also an avid philanthropist who has consecutively participated in the Ride for the Cure for five years and raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research.

Some fun facts about Bill include his fifth great-grandfather is Benjamin Franklin, and he once played baseball with Fidel Castro.


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