11 Ways Buyer Agents Can Win in the New Market

11 Ways Buyer Agents Can Win in the New Market

The real estate boom is over for the time being! Seller psychology has moved from greed to fear. No more 10, 20, 30 offers on a property, and no more sale prices hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking. The buyers have the edge, and as long as they have a competent agent, they can engage in a healthy negotiation and do well on price. Here are the things that great buyer agents can do for their clients:

  1. Agents are the first to know about new listings. They can put you into the Prospect Search function on their local MLS, which puts you on notice of new listings that meet your search criteria.
  2. Your agent can pre-inspect properties to ensure they meet your criteria before booking a showing.
  3. Your agent can book showings at times convenient for you.
  4. Your agent can network with colleagues to learn about suitable properties that aren’t on the market yet.
  5. Your agent can arrange for a mortgage broker to discuss financing options with you.
  6. Your agent can prepare an offer that meets your needs and protects your interests.
  7. Your agent can work to get you the best price and terms.
  8. Your agent can recommend lawyers, inspectors, movers and other service providers, depending on your needs.
  9. Your agent can recommend government programs that can help with the cost of buying and/or improving your property.
  10. Your agent can help coordinate the moving process and collaborate with your lawyer to ensure a trouble-free closing.

The bottom line is, that a great buyer agent is far more than a bird dog/order-taker. Take the time to find one!

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