Bill Johnston

Your trusted expert in real estate litigation, RECO & professional standards defense.

Bill’s Offerings

Bill Johnston is one of Canada’s leading real estate experts, enjoying over 4 decades of real estate experience.


Bill Johnston specializes in providing expert testimony in litigation matters involving Realtors®.


Bill defends Realtors® charged with breaches of the Code of Ethics or professional standards.

& Advising

Bill offers consulting and advising services for real estate brokers and agents on applicable legal matters and complicated real estate deals.

Education Seminars &
Speaking Engagements

Bill provides educational seminars and talks for real estate boards and brokerages around Ontario.


Bill will act as the agent for clients buying and selling real estate on a referral basis.

A Resume You Can Trust

Bill Johnston

Background and experience speak for themselves. When you need an expert, you need someone who has served at the top. Bill has enjoyed a successful career in sales and management, and has been a major contributor to organized real estate, and serving in the following capacities:

Director, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board:
Several years between 1999 and 2012


President, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board:
2010 – 2011


Director, Canadian Real Estate Association:
2012 to 2016


Director, Real Estate Council of Ontario:
2017 to 2020


Director, Ontario Real Estate Association
Elected for a two-year term 2021 to 2023

About Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston was born and raised on a farm and knows the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Bill has always been a consumer of information and became a respected thought leader in his professional practice, writing extensively on the subject of alcohol and addiction. Bill realized that he had strong analytical and logical thinking skills– presenting law school as the obvious next step on his career path. Bill was accepted into one of Canada’s premier Law schools, Osgoode Hall, in Toronto, Ontario, and was called to the bar in 1982.

Bill is widely published in respected journals and is a two-time winner of the Morguard Literary Award for his papers on disclosure and negotiation.

Bill is an experienced lawyer with four decades of real estate experience. He has written dozens of courses on real estate matters that have been delivered to thousands of Realtors® across Canada.

Bill is a leader in providing expert testimony for Realtors®, defending against countless accusations of Real Estate Council of Ontario’s Code of Ethics breaches.

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Session or Consult

Bill offers 25-30 minute education sessions for brokerages on various topics or is available for consultations. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact Bill below!

“Courage is the first of qualities, because it is the one that activates all of the others.”

Winston Churchill

Bill’s Offerings

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